Sometimes life becomes a little too challenging and you need some extra assistance to help you to get past a difficult time.

In a confidential and caring environment, I will support you to gain more insight into your concern to enable you to experience more relaxation, empowerment and resilience in your life.

People may visit a therapist because they:
  • experience relationship difficulties with partners, parents or children
  • are facing a ‘major crisis’ in their life
  • suffer body symptoms, pain or illness
  • lack direction in their life
  • are unable to fully engage in life
  • suffer anxiety or depression
  • experience self-destructive emotional patterns
  • have difficulty managing anger and the underlying emotions
  • seek stress management
  • have concerns about body image
  • have low confidence or lack of self-esteem
  • are dealing with trauma, whether recent or in the past
  • experience addictions
  • suffer loss and grief
  • have a spiritual curiosity or concerns