Breathwork is a body-mind practice which uses conscious connected breathing to reduce stress and anxiety. It improves health and wellbeing by facilitating personal change and transformation.

Breathwork helps you to integrate the sensations and feelings experienced within your body by bringing them into your conscious awareness through the conscious breath and relaxation.

Making a positive change in your life.

Often from early childhood we have learnt to inhibit our breath to disconnect ourselves from our feelings, pain and trauma in our bodies. Throughout our life, in order to ‘get on with life’ we have learnt to hold on, shut down or become numb to the experiences and feelings which we feel are too intense to integrate fully. 

To maintain this disconnection we learn to use behaviours to avoid feeling. Always being busy, using food, work, drugs, alcohol, gambling, daydreaming, gaming,TV, Facebook/internet, drama, shopping, anger/fighting, sex, whatever works to keep us distracted and disconnected from feeling these sensations.

The problem is this numbing also prevents us from connecting with the depth and fullness of who we really are, what we want and our intuitive knowing about how to live fully in our lives.

Through Breathwork these previous avoided sensations and feelings are experienced, brought into awareness and integrated.